San Diego Gas and Car Wash


A development corporation formed to server the public with low cost brand name fuel and a multi service, car wash, oil change, detail, convenience store, ATM, and deli. The ultimate one stop car wash & gas station.

Executives from various fuel companies visit our pioneer facilities in Encinitas and Carmel Valley and observe the multimillion dollar gas centers tat are multifunctional and family friendly. The CEO of the Acacia Group, Lawrence Kourie, has been nominated by Shell to serve as a member of the Executive National Dealers panel.

Redefining “Full Service”
The Acacia Group’s current facilities include, self-service gasoline with multiple pumps, a full service hand card wash, auto detail center, express lube and oil change, a convenience store, gourmet deli, internet cafe, ATM, T. V., and flower shop. These services are offered in response to the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods designating them as the most preferred and lucrative.Any number of service combinations is possible. Dry cleaning could be added to the mix; a brand-name fast-food facility rather than a deli, the possibilities are not just endless but have great potential.

Full-Service Car Wash
The car wash at the Convenience Service Centers is completely done by hand and the most up-to-date equipment and products are used. Customers can view the entire wash process through large, clear windows while eating at the deli.

Gourmet Deli
The deli inside the facility offers a tempting selection of gourmet sandwiches, salads, Boars Head brand delicacies, pastries, fresh baked breads and other delicacies, pastries, fresh baked breads, and other delectable items. the interior is deigned with upscale finishes; granite counter tops, slate and wood floors, and bathrooms to rival any restaurant. This sets the tone for a wonderful lunch experience indoors or on the patio.

Convenience Store
Expanding the concept of the typical convenience store, with unique greeting cards, gift items wine collection in addition to fountain sodas, snacks and gourmet coffee. The interiors are beautifully designed and invite browsing wile customers take advantage of our other on-site services.

Express Lube and Oil Change San Diego
Living up to the name express, customer’s oil and lube service is usually completed within 15 minutes. Customers can benefit from San Diego oil change and car wash combinations with our loyalty rewards programs.

Detail Centers
Acacia Group recognizes the need for our customers to have their cars pampered. Our detail centers employ experienced and well-trained detailers that strive to make the cars look brand new.

Internet Cafe
Out Internet Cafe is perfect for customers who like to multi-task and catch up on e-mail while their car gets s wash, detail or lube.