One Stop Shop…One Stop Station

Post by admin, September 27, 2011
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We can all associate with the fact that you want your visit to the gas station to be conveniently short but fulfilling but there can be instances where this experience can be far from that. Here at San Diego Gas and Car Wash, we are working to create a new sensory one-stop-shop environment that pleases both hearing and the senses as we work in partnership with Muzak, a multi-branding media agency, to provide better music and announcements for our loyal customers at our locations. This new atmosphere will help to enhance the listening experience whether you are pumping gas, coming into the convenience store to pick up a coffee or some snacks for the road, getting an oil change, or patiently waiting for your car wash to be finished. The listening is endless and the amount of activity that can be done in less than 15 minutes of your visit to the gas station can be enlivened. This is truly a treat for the habitual gas tank fueler or patient car wash customer as the experience will be informative as well as seamlessly captivating until the waiting is gone. Check out what is new in store for the next few months here and on our Facebook page at, and don’t forget to sign up with our equally stimulating and conveniently free Loyalty Rewards program.

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