Remembering the Need for a Full Tank – San Diego Power Outage

Post by admin, September 15, 2011
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Last week’s power outage has definitely taught many drivers a valuable lesson that filling up their gas tank before it reaches past empty is a very important habit to keep. You may not be able to predict when the next blackout will be, however, there are always precautions to take towards insuring the safety of your vehicle as well as the safety of getting to where you need to go on the road.

The blackout, which caused countless vehicles to be stranded at gas stations and also on the side of roads and freeways, proved to unnerve many residents in and around southern California. What felt like a typical short lived blackout turned to be an unprecedented 8 hour long wait as many communities gathered together amidst the panic and loss of electricity. Although the fiasco was over in a matter of a day, many commuted to work the next day with open minds and new thoughts on how important power is and also how important it is to always have a full gas tank.

Here at corporate offices in Carmel Valley, this scene rang true as long lines of vehicles flocked over to Shell Station to relieve their worries and fill their empty gas tanks. Even channel 10 News was present covering the high increase of vehicles pumping gas. Remember, San Diego Gas & Car Wash is always here to provide you with any means necessary in maintaining your vehicle and keeping you worry free amidst any sudden chaotic situation.

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