Seasonal Promotions for Our Loyalty Members

Here at the corporate office in Carmel Valley, we are excited to put together our first round of seasonal promotional offers for our loyal customers! As the year is coming to a close and the holidays are right around the corner, you can begin to expect even more great offers to celebrate along with your festivities.

Get the spooks out of your vehicles and oil filters this month when Loyalty members are given “Double-Trouble” points on rewards accounts for any dollar spent on purchases or gallons of fuel! These Halloween offers will last for four days during the weekend of Halloween, and is only available to Loyalty members.

Participants can being in a copy of the promo letter in to any of our locations to redeem or start earning points. If you’re someone who enjoys Halloween, saving money or earning while saving, football season and the Chargers, or getting rewarded for purchases, these promotions will be a great deal for you and your family and friends!

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