Use Our Drop Box & Save!

We know how much our customers enjoy building points but hesitate when it comes to retrieving points for pumping gas. Apparently, long lines add to the minutes wasted while rushing to each destination and many even end up leaving without earning their points for each gallon for gas. Luckily, we’ve deciding to make the Loyalty Points Drop Box available for our customers and help shorten these long impeding lines. We will now have a Drop Box for your gas receipts along with a sheet which Loyalty members can fill out their name, email, and Rewards Card number and “drop” into the box located inside the C-Store. A grueling 10 minutes in line can thus turn into a less than a minute trip to receive your points. So remember, next time you’re at any of our locations and are in a rush, don’t hesitate to drop off your gas receipt in the box and be on your way!

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