San Diego Gas and Car Wash

Did You Know About Our Customer Loyalty Programs?

San Diego Gas & Car Wash likes to reward it’s loyal customers on a daily basis with many opportunities however, very few people actually know about it’s unique Customer Loyalty program. It’s daunting to try to make sense of it all, so a breaking down of these amazing rewards might actually be beneficial for you and many others. As many in this economy are flocking to better their financial lifestyles, SDG&CW offers many rewarding factors for those who want to be smart and savvy about their car maintenance and spending habits.

The perks of being a loyal customer have you earning and redeeming points by pumping gas when you need it, getting a car wash and keeping your vehicle shiny and new, getting an oil change (every 3,000 miles or 3 months, which ever comes first!) or stopping in the C-Store and buying some much needed morning coffee to start your day.

If that’s not enough, you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent or gallon of fuel purchased (excluding gas prices) and redeem these points on exclusive discounts, free car washes, and even a free tank of gas. Climb the rewards ladder to receive these great rewards ranging from free Seattle’s Best Coffee with 30 points, free Silver, Gold, or Platinum car washes, to free tanks of gas (Up to 15 Gal. Regular + Difference). You can even get rewarded on your birthday and your anniversary with a free car wash! By becoming a member, you will always have access to these and many other special promotions by being a Loyalty Rewards Member. Membership is free and always beneficial as we continue to provide every customer with unique services in gas, carwash, detail, oil change needs at our many locations in San Diego.