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What is the difference between Regular Oil and Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic motor oil flows easier and protects better than a conventional oil of the same grade. The chemical processes of creating a synthetic are very different than the simple refining techniques used to make conventional base oils.

For conventional base oils the process is simply a separation and subtraction process. Once the base oil is separated, the subtraction process cleans and removes impurities and undesirable compounds, such as wax and sulfur.

Synthetic processing uses select crude components that are chemically converted to create molecules that are different than the starting material. Synthetic processing rearranges, builds up and breaks apart molecules. This chemical processing produces synthetic base oils that are engineered to provide consistent and predictable superior performance over conventional base oil counterparts.

Our synthetic oils are formulated to have small, flat molecules that lay on top of each other, which improves the flow of oil. Synthetic base oils are mixed with specialized additive systems that can be engineered to meet more demanding performance specifications that what is achievable from conventional motor oils. These specialized additives fight off sludge and deposit formations, and provide superior protection in extreme driving cycles. Using synthetic motor oil will also help keep your engine cleaner for longer periods of time.

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